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Improve Capture One

Request a new feature, or support for a camera/lens that you would like to use in Capture One.

Status Awaiting review
Workspace Feature requests
Categories Capture One Pro
Created by Ian Leslie
Created on Jun 23, 2024

Metadata editor tool that can apply dynamic templates to selected images

Provide a Metadata view tool that would allow you to load and save metadata templates and apply them to images. These need to allow you to pull tokens out of the metadata provided by the camera manufacturer and other useful values. Some examples:

  • comp-right value from the camera

  • artist value from the camera

  • date values from the camera

  • location values as set by other parts of the metadata tool

This would allow one to construct a default caption such as:

"Captured at [location] on [year4]-[month0]-[day0] by [artist]."

The location field as an example something that would need to be added and allows you to take GPS data and find a place and or manually edit place names into a list that can then be applied to the images via the above token

Current workaround

Currently using Photo Mechanic - and reloading metadata in C1 after applying.

Capture one's interface for editing fields on indavidual images is fine we just need a way to apply dynamic metadata to multiple imges at a time.