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Status Awaiting review
Workspace Feature requests
Categories Capture One Pro
Created by Fabrizio Giudici
Created on Jun 22, 2024

Add a setting to control the overall size of fonts used in the application

Using the max. resolution available on macOS retina laptops is quite useful to have.a better definition of images, but has the consequence of reducing the site of texts (labels, menus, etc.) — at the point that sometimes it's a pain. Prior to macOS Sonoma the only option to enlarge font (system wide) was to reduce resolution. Sonoma introduced an option to enlarge fonts, but only for some system application. Applications such as Firefox, Thunderbird, IntelliJ IDEA offer an app-level setting to enlarge the size of fonts according to a given percentage. Please add such an option to C1 too.

Current workaround

There's no workaround — I mean, it's possible to reduce the resolution of the screen, but this makes useless having a Retina display.

  • Thomas Kyhn
    Jun 23, 2024

    This would be useful.