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Status Awaiting review
Workspace Feature requests
Categories Capture One Pro
Created by Ian Leslie
Created on Jun 23, 2024

Add a "Job Name" Token for directory naming (specifically in import)

I want to use a job name in my file names and my folder names during import. I am fine if those are the same token. It would be OK if there were to tokens that could be used in either place.

For the folder name: I have a "Job Identifier" token I can include in my folder name pattern. But I have no way to set it. I would like to be able to set it and be able to use it here.

For the Image name: I can use a "Job Name" token when setting up the file name pattern. This is great and gets me what I want.

Honestly having both a name and and id for job tokens would be ideal. Something that can be set during import and be visible as tokens in both the file and folder naming patterns.

Current workaround

Manually change the folder name after import. Bleck