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Status Awaiting review
Workspace Feature requests
Categories Capture One Pro
Created by Ian Leslie
Created on Jun 23, 2024

Add support for Face Focus for wildlife in Cull Feature

I am interested in the Cull Images feature I have been using it for import. Now I'm trying it for culling after import and actually reading the documentation I see that it is so close to being a better way of doing what I am currently doing (see work around).

If I could group similar images and have the faces of animals recognized then I could do my culling with the tool instead of my current way.

Current workaround

I do my own thing in the main browser view. Typically I select four images at a time and zoom them in so that the face of the subject is as large as it can be then I adjust the ratings from my initial pass such that sharp eyes get a bump and not quite there eyes get pushed down. Actual fails get deleted.