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Status Awaiting review
Workspace Feature requests
Categories Capture One Pro
Created by Walter Rowe
Created on Jun 14, 2024

Provide token for camera original frame number

Camera original raw files include a multi-digit frame number. Provide token for this frame number that we can use on rename (eg [Image Number].

Current workaround

Current work around is to rename to my custom prefix + [Image Name] then rename again to replace the camera original prefix with empty string.

Example Workaround:


  • DSC_1234.NEF => WPR-[Image Year nnnn][Image Month][Image Day of Month]-[Image Name].NEF

  • DSC_1234.NEF => WPR-20240614-DSC_1234.NEF


  • Replace "DSC_" with ""

  • WPR-20240614-DSC_1234.NEF => WPR-20240614-1234.NEF

This two step process is cumbersome.

It would be much easier to do this in a single rename:

Image Name => WPR-[Image Year nnnn][Image Month][Image Day of Month]-[Image Number]

  • Martin Reber
    Jun 18, 2024

    I upvoted this feature request.

    All the same, I rename images before importing them into CaptureOne using a A Better Finder Rename which has loads of parsing & renaming capabilities; including multi-step renaming. It's very fast.

    Also, in Nikon digital cameras you can replace the "DSC" with any 3 alphanumeric characters; in the example cited one could have images named in-camera as WPR_1234.NEF.