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Request a new feature, or support for a camera/lens that you would like to use in Capture One.


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Add ability to toggle ReTwthwr on/off to IOS app

I would like the option to toggle the ReTwther feature on or off in desktop C1 ( on a MBP running the latest Ventura version), and in Capture One Mobile for iPad (v2.4.3, on IOS 16). It was really painful to be shooting an event, get start...
Jake Campos 26 days ago in Feature requests / Capture One Mobile 4 Already exists

Add shortcut to cropping aspect ration

Being able to shift from an aspect ratio to another via shortcut while croping images
Eric Savalli about 1 month ago in Feature requests / Capture One Pro 1 Already exists

When comes the Tether for Fuji X-T5?

Hej Otto!Som det är just nu går det inte att använda kameran när man byter till live view. Vi vet att det är något som C1 jobbar med att fixa, men vi har inte något exakt datum när den uppdateringen kommer till Fujifilm. Vänliga hälsningar/Best re...
otto krag 3 months ago in Camera and lens requests / Cameras 1 Already exists

Request "Session name" token

Would like to have "Session name" tokens on output location preset. Thanks.
Guest 11 months ago in Feature requests / Capture One Pro 4 Already exists